Retraction Policy

Retraction of an Unpublished Article

If the authors want to withdraw the manuscript during its processing, an email has to be sent notifying as to their intention, to the effect that the manuscript withdrawal form will be emailed for the signatures of all the authors. This needs to be completed, scanned and sent back. A final letter from the editorial office for withdrawal of the manuscript will then be dispatched. Electronic signatures will not be accepted.

Please note that without a formal letter of withdrawal, a manuscript is not considered withdrawn and use of such a manuscript elsewhere will be construed as an ethical misconduct.

Retraction of a Published Article

Retraction of a published article is considered on the following grounds:

  1. If an article has gross errors in the results or the experimental miscalculations are detected after publication.
  2. Plagiarism detected after publication

iii. Redundant or Duplicate publication

  1. Unethical Research results
  2. Major Conflict of Interest

There is no time bar for retraction.