The Power of Story Telling in Healthcare

  • Mariyah Hidayat Managing Editor, Journal of University College of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Lahore.
Keywords: Digital Story Telling, Health Care, Empathy, Public Health, Harvard Medical School


Today, digital storytelling has emerged as a popular tool in educating the public on health matters as it integrates digital technology with public health. It is predominantly defined as a story in multimedia form, presented as a video or animation for public viewing and used as educational material for healthcare professionals, patients and families. Patient education is becoming increasingly important with the rise in chronic illnesses, and this technique of educating and engaging patients leaves a lasting impression on their minds. The inspirational aspect of digital storytelling is that it works equally well for all viewers, educated oruneducated, as it engages listeners on a whole new level, arousing their emotions and energy. To motivate people to reach certain goals, we must engage their emotions, and the key to their hearts is a compelling story. By applying digital technology, we can better engage and motivate our trainees and transform them into lifelong learners, as storytelling is a catalyst for inspiring not only empathy but also behavioral change, both in education and health care.

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