Ahead of Print Policy

The editorial team of JUCMD recognize the importance of timely dissemination of valuable research findings. In line with our commitment to excellence and innovation in scholarly publishing, we are introducing an "Ahead of Print" publication policy. This policy aims to expedite the availability of accepted articles online before their formal inclusion in a specific journal issue.

Policy Statement:

  1. Ahead of Print Publication: Accepted articles will be published online as soon as they undergo final editing and formatting processes. These articles will be accessible on the JUCMD website under a designated "Ahead of Print" section.

  2. Timely Dissemination: The "Ahead of Print" publication allows authors to share their research findings with the academic community promptly. It ensures that groundbreaking research is accessible to readers without delay, facilitating early dissemination of knowledge and fostering academic discourse.

  3. Pre-Publication DOI Assignment: Each article published ahead of print will be assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for citation and indexing purposes. This ensures that the article is identifiable and citable, providing authors with recognition and facilitating accurate referencing by readers.

  4. Final Inclusion in Journal Issues: Ahead of Print articles will be formally included in the upcoming journal issue according to the scheduled publication timeline.

  5. Quality Control: Despite their early online availability, Ahead of Print articles undergo rigorous peer review, editorial scrutiny, and quality assurance processes.